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This training resource was commissioned by Jenny Gray OBE, Professional Adviser at the Department for Children, Schools and Families. It has been developed by the University of Warwick in conjunction with OCB media. The authors would like to thank the many colleagues, advisors and friends who have contributed in various ways to the development of the material. They are too many to list individually, but include the faculty of the Warwick Advanced Course in the management of unexpected childhood death; the advisory group; the chairs and members of the following child death overview panels: Birmingham; Bristol; Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire; East Sussex; Halton; Hampshire; Harrow; Oxfordshire; Salford; Southwark; and Wakefield.

In pulling together this material, we have drawn on a wide range of sources, not all of which are possible to track. If we have inadvertently cited or copied material without acknowledging its original source, we are truly sorry and trust that the original authors will bear with our failings and permit the ongoing use of the material for the ultimate benefit of children and families.

Finally our sincere thanks go to the many bereaved families with whom we have been privileged to work, and from whom we have learnt more than we can possibly put across through this resource. It is our hope that in some way, this resource will be a fitting tribute to the memory of their children, and that through this some good may come out of their personal tragedies.


Peter Sidebotham is a consultant paediatrician and senior lecturer in child health at the University of Warwick and Warwickshire Primary Care Trust

Peter Fleming is professor of Infant Health and Developmental Physiology at the University of Bristol and a Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist at St Michael's Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Children, Bristol.

John Fox is a retired police superintendent and independent researcher

Jan Horwath is professor of Child Welfare at the University of Sheffield

Catherine Powell is a Senior Lecturer in Child Health Nursing at the University of Southampton

Kay Wallace is a Detective Inspector with West Midlands Police

Production Team

Nic Blackwell is a lecturer in medical e-learning and the director of the Health Education Research and Development Unit at the University of Leicester. Dr. Blackwell is also the director of OCB Media, a university spin-out company specialising in the development of medical e-learning.


Michelle Oldfield, Research administrator, University of Warwick

Advisory Group

Hedy Cleaver, Isabella Craig, Nirupa Dattani, Carolyn Davies, Sue Dunstall, Peter Fleming, Terry Grange, Christine Humphrey, Brian Patterson, Gale Pearson, John Pollard, Owain Richards, Martin Ward-Platt, and Russell Wate.


The illustrations included within this package have been produced by Juliet Percival, Jane Fallows and Maurizio De Angelis. The authors are extremely grateful to all three for their help.